This signature collection of Airy Heights Design is inspired both directly and indirectly by land and sea elements from Bermuda. Direct castings and artistic interpretations of sea urchins, sea fans, cedar branches and leaves comprise the base elements of these pieces of local jewelry.

Sea Urchin Collection was inspired from shells I found along the shore in Harrington Sound. The intricacy of the sea urchin shell lends itself to endless design possibilities both literal and abstract and I have enjoyed exploring both. From pendants to cuffs, rings and earrings, there is something bold or subtle to suit everyone’s pallet.

Sea Fan Collection was one of my first collections and I was captivated by the stunning purple Sea Fan Corals growing near the shore and on the reefs. Troubled waters often churn out broken branches and it was from one such piece that led to a rendering in metal of the exquisite latticework in the sea fan. Cabochon stones nod to the “bubbles” in the sea on the disc earrings and pendants produced.

Bermuda Cedar Collection was naturally the first produced. Slim, delicate branches were chosen to directly cast in metal for earrings whose branches now support droplets of water and other featured gemstones, and tactile, stacking rings. Larger cast branches feature in bold bangles, pendants and sculptural necklaces.

Oleander Leaf Collection has grown to become the most popular collection to date; and due in part to its stunning simplicity. Both large leaves and miniature leaves were picked from my garden and then individually cast for the creations in this series where one can find singular pendants, rings, and sculptural or dangling earrings and petite studs.

Other Flora Collections
The intricacies in nature will never cease to amaze me and I am constantly discovering new patterns in the plants, leaves, and berries all around me. Therefore, I will forever be adding to a list of nature inspired pieces which currently include the Tamarisk, Exotic Palm Comb, Poinciana and Calla Lily flowers, Casuarina Berry (Go-Down-Berry), Nasturtium, and Silver Dollar.



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