The Story


Airy Heights Design was founded in 2010 by designer Elisa Stubbs, who lives on the beautiful island of Bermuda and fuses her creativity with her love for nature. Airy Heights Design jewelry predominately features the shapes and textures of Elisa's island home.  Tree branches, leaves and flowers, as well as shells and other forms washed ashore from the ocean are sources of inspiration; and which are then hand cast to create a unique line of wearable art.  

Semiprecious, precious and unusual gemstones are also woven into the collections, where the style emphasis is always focused on simplicity so as not to detract from the stone’s natural beauty. 

A small collection of her work is currently available in TABS, The Princess Resort Shop and Bermuda Jewellery; all centrally located in the heart of Hamilton, Bermuda as well as Ouimillie in Boston, Massachusetts.

Studio visits are always welcome and you can contact Elisa directly to make an appointment.