From the Designer, Elisa Stubbs  

I am a jewelry maker and fortunate to live on the beautiful island of Bermuda where I am able to fuse my creativity with my love for nature. Local shells and plants serve as some of the major focal points and inspiration for my jewelry.  “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”  John Muir

Each piece I create is unique and very often “one-of-a-kind” due to the emphasis placed on the materials and gemstones selected, all of which I personally source. My sketches are then either carved in wax and individually cast or worked directly in metal by a local goldsmith whom I work with very closely. Nothing is mass-produced and everything is made by hand in Bermuda.  Over the years this is something my clientele, both locals and visitors alike, appreciate most and has set my jewelry apart.

A small collection of my work is currently available in TABS Bermuda which is centrally located in the heart of Hamilton.  I welcome you to visit me at my studio and you can contact me directly to make an appointment.